Saturday, 28 May 2011

Obama does Ping Pong

I’m not going to comment on anything to do with the politics or the significance of Obama’s visit. Or the fact I still have faith that Obama will come through as one of the greatest Presidents. Or the fact Andrew Marr’s interview was just a sycophantic love in, asking him nothing of significance. This is the President of the United States, he’s agreed to an interview, ask him difficult questions, he’s not going to send you to Guantanamo you catfish faced bell end.
What I was really interested in, was David Cameron and Mr President playing Ping Pong.
Look at this pair. Obama is buff, determined, taut, yet supple as a Puma. And look at that bloated tweedle-dum behind him, flumping around like Christopher Biggins. I thought Eton boys did lots of sports. Well it looks like Cameron was a champion pie eater. The fat shit.

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Yazzselena said...

Lol, you are mean but oh so right! That second photo. Oh dear. This man represents us in the world. Reassuring isn't it?