Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hide and Seek

Rain augmented, the garden sucks the happy soil, strength in verdant green,

Bees fly figure eights around the wooden heron, waiting by the secret pond unseen,

foxglove spears split the air, virile, regal pennants border the path,

as the blackbird finds a shallow puddle, fluttering in his welcome bath,

poppies abundant, their plump red pepper flowers lolling, too heavy for the hairy stems,

a dragon’s treasure, a djinn’s bright wishes, the flower beds spilling with uncut gems,

the rambling rose, white and yellow, slowly drags itself across the border,

an opaque barrier, an insect haven,  a coat of thorns, a silent warder,

flowers blinking open, pouring scent into the ether, delivered by a summer breeze,

and the sun peeking between the clouds, count to ten, play hide and seek with this coy tease.

Words and pictures Mel Melis © June 2012


1 comment:

Rosanna said...

What a gorgeous poem - it has such a rhythm and strong visual impact. Mel - keep writing :)