Wednesday, 20 September 2006

The Killers

Went to see the Killers on Monday night at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. it was a competition winners only gig and I was fortunate enough that my mate Tommo's fiance couldn't make it. (Gawd bless her evil boss for not giving her the afternoon off). Their tour sold out in about 3 seconds, so very lucky to see them in a tiny venue. Not that I would have spent 25 quid on them in the main tour, but I was well up for this.
It was cool. In fact I have to say they were awesome. Got right near the front and my fat unshaven face will appear on T4 on a TV near you soon. Tommo took pictures on his camera phone, my camera phone packed up so I drew this picture. It is surprisingly lifelike. From a certain angle, and if you squint, you'd think it was a photograph. I'm very proud of it. By Mel. Aged 35.

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