Sunday, 24 September 2006


Went for a 5 mile run this morning and this fat old guy was in my way, I politely waited whilst he waddled past the parked car to give me enough room to overtake. I noticed a big pair of jam jars over his eyes as I accelerated past him. He obviously realised he'd held me up and with no hint of irony called out "Sorry miss!".

Now I enjoy keeping fit, and as well as the obvious health benefits I wanted to lose the excess flab I've been carrying around, because I am vain and I do look at my gut in profile in the mirror often (much to the disdain of my other half). It has worked though (exercise not looking in the mirror) and I'm now much trimmer and svelte, a bit like Legolas, but with an urban edge.
Anyway, this old dude with bad eyesight thought I was girl, slim, with dark shoulder length hair. I mused on this and decided better an athletic girl than a fat 30 something bloke. Maybe I'll increase the weights though and drop a bit of the cardio-vascular now... something to think about!

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