Friday, 13 October 2006

Howling Bells and smelly man on train

Went to see Howling Bells at ULU on Tuesday, all in all a top night. They were really tight. Much improved from the last time me and the Bossman saw them. But we all had an excuse that night at the ICA in high summer in the sweatiest gig night of my life. Even more sweaty than when I saw bad manners at some pub in Welwyn Garden City and this bare chested 50 year old fat man slipped and rubbed his ample sweaty moobs all over my t-shirt whilst simultaneously crushing my ankle with his 18 hole size twelve DM's. Thanks.

Anyway, HB were superb. Juanita's voice was fantastic and much as she was gorgeous, the best looking thing on show was the cream and black Rickenbacker she played in one song. Heh heh. I want it.

I love ULU though, one of my fave london gig venues. Always a good studenty crowd and good bar. But guess what... on the train, just sat down, train about to leave, I look down the carriage and see him.

A rough Richard Fairbrass look alike, pirate earring, shaved head, neck to toe in stonewashed denim. He was like a 1980's german football fan wihtout the mullett. Clutching a huge bag... of burger king. I knew immediately he would sit next to me, I resigned myself to the stink of fried food. Why me?!

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