Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Latest Gigs and Missing Hat and Sweatband

I've lost my beanie and I'm furious. I think I'm slightly obsessive compulsive. It only cost me £3.95 from H&M, and it is easily replaced. But its the principle. Its gone missing and now I'm on a mission to find it. I do not believe I've lost it, it's in the house, I'm sure the bastard is in the house. As is my Vans sweatband. They are hiding out together in some dark corner, and I will find them. Then I will forgive them, and show them I still care by wearing them once more. I think the last time I wore them was when I visited London a couple of weeks ago to see the Howard Hodgkin exhibition at the Tate. But I'm no sherlock holmes or even Magnum P.I for that matter, or Cagney or Lacey, I can't solve this disappearance. I must try to meditate and retrace my steps, like Professor X using cerebro. I bet I left them on the train like a tw*t. I hope not, they are hiding, I'm sure they are hiding.
Errrm... anyway, latest gigs.

Mogwai - Royal Albert Hall.
They were quality, especially the harder numbers. Coffee table death metal. Absolutely awesome stuff. Overdriven guitars, and melody punctuated with thrashing white noise.

Juliette and the Licks - the Astoria.
Arrived late and didn't realise Humanzi were supporting, a band I've been keeping an eye on. They were ok, only saw the last 3 numbers.
J&TL were great though, you could tell they were enjoying it and they will become massive, glad I've seen them now. Sell out at the Astoria is always a special night. Bossman75 got some top photo's too (check his blog). It's good old hard rock with catchy hooks and riffs and dirty deep south vocals (and I don't mean from Croydon). Marvellous!

Tomorrow - Boxer Rebellion and Morning After Girls. Carling Academy Islington.

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