Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Amusing Spam Mail

I occasionally check my mails that have been redirected by the spam filter, just in case one of my mates is offering to sell me a re-mortgage, a russian wife or some obscure filthy DVD's. You know, I don't blame the filter, it's eager to please, like a puppy that's pees on the lino, they can't understand irony, they can't separate humour from spam, hence I give the filter my full support and double check its progress and guide it.

Anyway, amoungst the dross, the following one came to the fore.... the subject alone made me crack up laughing. But what the hell is it trying to sell me? Is this spam for spams sake? Or is it some subliminal ploy for me to buy a fart powered ceiling fan? Who knows. Your comments welcome.

From: White [mailto:mzctp@grunadis.com]
Sent: 02 March 2007 10:56
To: melly
Subject: Meanwhile, button down that flapping upper lip of yours, goofy, before I staple it to the ceiling and watch you spin around like a fart-powered ceiling fan.

I think that pimple on your ass turned out to be a brain tumor.

My understanding of this crime was the victims where youths on their way to play some soccer. Just one example : At Petrobras. is Brazil teaching to these nations. Six youth, out of what population size in their age category in the city? The team predominately filled with L.

"We respect the local culture to preserve children," stated the doctor. Just one example : At Petrobras.

without anyone help !

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