Friday, 2 March 2007

Fly Fishing by J.R Hartley

I got really excited on the train yesterday, as I thought I spotted the actor who played J.R Hartley, the author of Fly Fishing who appeared in the iconic Yellow Pages ad of the 1980's... here it is... brings a tear to my eye every time.

I whispered to Deb in my best secretive attempt at grabbing her attention... "psssst (as I have to speak like Ramirez the Hispanic Pimp according to Ongey from now on)... look over there... it's heeeem!"

"Who?" She replied.

"J.R Hartley!"


"SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! He'll hear us! Wait till we get off!"

So as we got off, we both had a good ogle, I'm sure he muttered "W*nker" as we got off. But that would be praise indeed... from the great J.R Hartley.

Unfortunately, having done some research we were hoodwinked by this elderly imposter. The actor who played JR Hartley died in 2001 aged 95. Rest in peace Norman Lumsden, people aged 30 years and above loved and still love you. I'm glad you found your book, you humble and wonderful man.,4273,4310537,00.html

As for the old goat on the train, I'm gonna find you and make you pay for calling me a w*nker. The real JR Hartley was a gentleman, not like you, how dare you sully his cultural heritage and gentle demeanor with your identical face!

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