Tuesday, 5 December 2006


I´m over in Spain at the moment, the north west corner to be exact. The hotel I´m in obviously heard I was visiting so set up a laptop with internet access for me. Landed on Sunday, in wind and rainswept La Coruna. Had seafood meal there, love the octopus, have migrated to Santiago now. Its a wonderful little city, full of culture, narrow pedestrianised streets and a famous cathedral where many a good pilgrim had walked to from Rome.

Had more octopus, in fact, we spent a good few hours on a pub crawl eating tapas and drinking beer and white wine, it was Monday though, so clearly we were seen as English winos, had a sleep from 7pm till 10pm, then felt ill having eaten three loaves, two galician cod pies, several octopods, some squid, chorizo and a leg of ham, including the hoof. Oh and a pigs ear an alsation would have died for. All delicious. Stayed awake till 4am feeling full.

Today, me and Bry drive to Portugal, and tomorrow Arsenal play Porto, should be a giggle.

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