Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ball and Chain

Went to the British Library tonight, a talk on Utopia under the banner of the Science Fiction exhibition “Out of this World”, quite interesting although very cerebral and philosophical. Is the concept of Utopia an elitist conceit, concieved under the pretence of tyranny or is the utopian ideal something we should collectively strive to, for our sustainable future? I don’t know the answers to these questions as everyone was cleverer than me. All I know is that I like Prawn Cocktail crisps. Quite a lot.
Iain M Banks was one of the panel members (I want his middle initial to stand for “Middle-initial” but sadly it doesn’t), a jovial, super witty writer who has spanned both mainstream and science fiction quite adeptly. The “M” initial only appears on his SF books by the way.
Was a good talk, was great to see Dave too.
But I’m writing this blog about something that happened before the talk and appealed to my pathetic sense of humour.
In the British Library foyer, is this chair. It is made of metal. It is heavy.
The ball and chain attached to it is also made of metal. And yes. It is heavy.
So when the random dad said to his young son “Look, a football!” and proceeded to hoof it, I cracked up when he crumpled to the floor and did that “I’m in agony, but I’m going to pretend I’m ok” walk out of the building. What a douche. He did move the ball though, it sort of wibbled a bit, unlike his foot which sort of splintered.
I always loved Tom and Jerry violence, should never have gone off air!

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