Saturday, 4 November 2006

Iceland Photo Set number 1

I can't remember which way round these gigs occured when I was in iceland, but here are some photos. First up - Daniel Agust, who was actually really awesome. His live act is completely and utterly different to his studio album though. Bizarre. The album is all soft vocals, instrumental arrangements and strings. The live act was heartfelt dirty dark loud blues. He was great. Here is a photo of him lowering a pilchard into his second gullett. And no, I have no idea why the guitarist has glued a horses tail to the front of his head.

Now onto the cribs and the kaiser chiefs. Both bands were staying in our hotel. The night before they played they came into the hotel at 3am and politely requested drinks. Mr Wilson got his fine (I'm pretty sure members of metric and fields were also sitting round but I was oh so cool, flicking my fringe and ignoring them whilst stroking my £8 pint of lager). When the cribs arrived the finely bone structured and flouncy blondie metro-sexual viking boys behind the bar informed them it was shut. Now they don't look like rock stars, that much is true. They look like the stunted offspring of the three stooges, but embarrassingly I intervened and got them served, "Don't you know who these guys are?" I glowered at the lead flouncy barman (he was twice the size of me so I wouldn't call him that to his face). He said he didn't know, I said I didn't know either, so I had to ask their assistant who they were, not politely but "Who exactly are you?!". It was one of those time stopping moments Ricky Gervais captures so well in extras. The assistant sort of shuffled, looked down and quietly muttered "the cribs.. yeah the cribs". I was too merry to see the significance at the time though. And to cap it all when one of the WAGs asked for a cider, I spun my head round and said in my best Sonia Jackson bitch voice "they don't grow apples here" raised my eyebrows and looked back at my pint. Why did I do that? And did I subliminally pick up that there are no orchards in iceland? I wonder if that is true? Finally, when the cribs played the next night me and Trigger had the hump anyway and decided to slate them. They aren't crap, it was just not hitting the spot for us. Then we realised all of the WAGs were standing round us as we slated them. After this point whereever we ended up, members of the Kaisers or the Cribs were everywhere. At the blue lagoon, in the local cafe, hotel reception. If they wanted a photo taken with me, all they had to do was ask. I'm very approachable.

Above - the cribs. Below - Kaisers (they were ok I guess)

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