Saturday, 4 November 2006

Iceland pics - set 3 (go! team)

I normally listen to introspective fuzzy self indulgement morose bollocks, so when a band like the go! team hit the stage, all you can do is grin and dance like a loon, even if you can't dance, like me! They are hard to pigeon hole, so I wont try, but if you put a cheerlead troupe fronting my bloody valentine it gives you some indication of how different they are.

They are the most fun you can have at a gig. Seen them at the 100 club, electric ballroom, the astoria and now Rejkyavik Art Museum! Ninja the lead singer is just infectious, and talks in that chirpy norf london accent I sometimes regress into myself when I'm back in my old 'hood. Don't know why I think she is from North London when the go! team are from Brighton but whatever....

Friday night in Rejkyavik is something to behold, its when the locals go on the rampage, like their ancestors did in their longboats some centuries ago. Starting off the evening drinking at home, around 11pm the place explodes. I didn't try the beer/vodka combo that the guidebooks suggested, because I'm a lightweight.... anyway, Friday night, midnight, the Go! team come on. The mosh pit (yes, a mosh pit to the go! team) goes nuts and I get battered, wasn't expecting it, so sharpen elbows and get back in!
Only for a few minutes mind, had some photos to take....

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