Sunday, 4 February 2007

Jon Redfern @ The Spitz

Me, Ongey, Paul and Paul met up on Wednesday night to watch Jon Redfern at the Spitz, near Liverpool street.

The last time I was round Spitalfields market it was to play football a few years ago. I was surprised the see the pitches gone and the area completely renovated, not necessarily rejuvenated, but certainly gleaming and new. Coffee shops and trendy bars seemed to be the order of the day. However, there are still pubs with character, and the Spitz itself is a great venue. Resisting the urge to go for a curry down brick lane, we had our meal in the Spitz. And this time it was Ongey that played the faux pas much to the merriment of the rest of us. As the waitress was leaning over the table to place his starter in front of him, he shouted out "corrrr look at that!". He claims his eyes were fixed firmly on the chicken liver parfait, but it seemed like he was looking down the waitresses cleavage.

She scurried off, and after a moment of shock, we all p*ssed ourselves apart from Ongey who was already pasting big dollops of his starter onto crusty bread with a bemused expression as he rammed huge mouthfuls into his burgeoning cheeks.

The venue itself is great, intimate, good bar, great selection of draft beers and musically Jon Redfern really hit the spot.

He had a 5 piece band with him, and they played jazz tinged folk, although that is a lazy description by me. Easy on the ear, really tight and he has a magnificent voice. As a group, they looked the part, obviously this shouldn't detract from musicianship and songwriting, but when a band look cool, you feel good too. Well I do anyway.

We'll defo be seeing him again. Bought the album as well.

Till next time

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