Saturday, 28 April 2007

In 1987 and some new gigs

In 1987, I made a life changing decision. I took a course in computer studies at Southgate Technical college. I don't have any regrets about this. You can't have regrets, or they will tear you apart in later life, when you are a bitter wizened old goat.

Computers have made me the financially secure, socially inept yet harmlessley charming man I am. But I wonder what would have happened if I did study Zoology which was my first choice before bowing to family pressure? Greeks don't study Zoology. They cut animals up, and eat them, not study them. I would have been a pioneer.

In a parallel universe, I think I'm a world famous succesful zoologist, studying endangered species, and them eating them when I've bred enough of them to not feel so bad about tucking into their flesh.

I wonder if that Mel is happy? I think he'd be an arrogant turd, and wave to people from his limo like the queen. Wanker. He probably goes out with Bridget Bardot (40 years his senior) living in her cat sanctuary in Bordeux, trying desperately to secretly eat as many cats as possible (secretly as Bridget is a veggie) before they shit all over the mansion.

As for my gig update, went to Kings College (I forgot how nice a venue it is) to see Fields on Wednesday with Ongey. Both fields and the support band Hush the Many were great. Sort of folk-post rock, which is a weird combo. But I loved them. And I think all the boys in the audience fell in love with Thorrun the keyboard player of Fields. But me and Ongey being venerable gentlemen merely doffed our flat caps to her beauty and concentrated on the music! Love that quiet quiet loud vibe....

Back to Kings College this wednesday to see the Noisette's, seeing the Bossman for the first time since the Duke Spirit in December. He's now a daddy, so I should buy him some sort of JD related cocktail in congratulation! I'll be taking my (debs) camera with me and hope to get some good shots of the band. Good album, loose lazy label : Blondie, but more raucous.


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